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Where to buy the Verona Card?

The Verona Card can be purchased online or in person at Verona’s IAT offices, some museums and monuments, historic churches, authorized tobacconists, and at Verona Porta Nuova station. Read on to find out in detail where to purchase the Verona Card.

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Where can I purchase the Verona Card?

Buy Verona Card Online

The best and fastest way to get the Verona City Card is online. By purchasing the card via the web, you will not have to pay a surcharge and you will have the opportunity to avoid any possible queues that you might face by going to a physical point of sale.

Once you purchase the card online, you will receive an electronic voucher via email, which you will have to convert into a physical card at the IAT tourist information office in Verona.

How to do this? Just go to the IAT office in Via Leoncino 61 (Palazzo Barbieri) with the voucher you received via email, and you will be given the physical card.

Remember that when you purchase a Verona Card, it is not automatically activated. The validity begins only when you start using it for the first time. The card is valid for one year from the time of purchase, so you have plenty of time to plan your trip.

Where to buy the Verona Card in person

Where to buy the Verona card in Verona? Here are some options for buying and collecting the Verona card at physical outlets located in different parts of the city.

Tourist Office at 61 Via Leoncino (Piazza Brà)

The IAT office in Piazza Brà is home to Verona’s tourist information office. Here you will have the opportunity to pick up your physical card (if purchased online) or purchase a new one.

The staff is very friendly and available to answer any questions you may have about what to see, where to sleep, or where to eat in Verona.

Verona Porta Nuova train station

Inside the Maccorp Italiana Spa – Forexchange office at Verona Porta Nuova train station, you have the opportunity to purchase and pick up the Verona city card.

  • Address: Piazzale XXV Aprile, 8, 37138 Verona VR
  • Phone: +39 045 595669

Museums, monuments, historic churches

The card can be purchased at the ticket offices of Verona’s museums and monuments (with the exception of the Lamberti Tower and Juliet’s House). Once you arrive at the ticket offices, you can apply for the Verona Tourist Card, make payment, and pick it up directly on site.

Licensed tobacco shops

In Verona almost all tobacco shops are authorized to sell the Verona Card. Go to one of these centers, purchase and pick up your tourist pass directly.

verona card transport

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

Where can you buy Verona Card? Frequently asked questions

How to make the Verona Card?

You can buy it online (and pick it up at the Tourist Office at 61 Via Leoncino in Verona) or buy it directly at the following outlets:

  • IAT Tourist Office
  • Verona Porta Nuova train station
  • Museums historical monuments and churches
  • Authorized tobacconists

Verona Card: where to pick it up?

If you made your purchase online, you can pick it up in Verona at the tourist office on Via Leoncino 61.

If, on the other hand, you would like to purchase it at a physical point of sale, you can do so at the IAT tourist office, the Verona Porta Nuova Railway Station, at almost all attractions, museums, historical monuments and churches, and authorized tobacconists.

What can you see with Verona Card?

Here is the list of places included for free with the Verona Card: the Arena Amphitheater in Piazza Brà, the Basilica of Santa Anastasia in Piazza Sant’Anastasia, the Basilica of San Zeno in Piazza San Zeno, Juliet’s House in Via Cappello 23, the International Center of Photography in Piazza Viviani 5, the Church of San Fermo in Stradone San Fermo, the Cathedral Complex in Piazza Duomo, the Gallery of Modern Art at Palazzo della Ragione in Piazza dei Signori, the Castelvecchio Museum in Corso Castelvecchio 2, the Museum of National History at Lungadige Porta Vittoria 9, the Museum of Vintage Radio at Via del Pontiere 40, the Maffeiano Lapidary Museum at Piazza Brà 28, the Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theater at Rigaste Redentore 2, the Museum of Frescoes – Juliet’s Tomb at Via del Pontiere 35, the Lamberti Tower at Piazza dei Signori, the Arche Scaligere at Via Santa Maria Antica 1, and the Conte Antica Tipografia Artistica Arche Scaligere Museum at Via S. Maria in Chiavica 3c.

And these are the sites with reduced admission with the Verona Card: the Boggian Hall at the Castelvecchio Museum in Corso Castelvecchio 2, the Miniscalchi Erizzo Museum in Via San Mamaso 2, the African Museum in Vicolo Pozzo 1, the Giusti Garden in Via Giardino Giusti 2, and the AMO Museum in Via Massalongo 7.

Is the Verona Card worth it?

The Verona Card turns out to be a convenient option if you plan to travel Verona for one or two days and want to visit more than 3 attractions. It does not turn out to be convenient if you are in Verona on Mondays (the day most museums are closed), if you are under 14 or over 60, as you may be able to take advantage of discounted rates even without the Verona Card.

Where to make Verona Card: conclusions

Here we have come to the end of this article in which we looked at where to do and where to pick up the Verona Card (in case you decide to buy it online).

If you have any doubts or questions, please leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you explore Verona in the best way possible.

verona card transport

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

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  • Claudia Trinko
    February 29, 2024 7:16 pm

    we will visit Verona in April and arrive at 6 o`clock in the morning at Porto Nuovo Trainstation, so my question is it possible to buy a Verona Card at this time at a ticket office because we need it to drive with the bus to our hotel ? or otherwise it is possible to get the Verona Card with my onlineticket at this time at the train station ? thanks

    • Hi Claudia, unfortunately it’s not possible at that time of the day.

      The office in Verona train station opens at 8AM.

      If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.

      Wish you a lovely holiday in Verona,


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