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Is the Verona Card Worth it? Opinions and Reviews 2024

You are planning a visit to the city of Romeo and Juliet, you have a few days to spare, you want to visit several attractions and you are wondering: is the Verona Card worth it?

In this article we try to answer all questions related to the official tourist card of the city of Verona, like:

  • Is the Verona card worth it?
  • When is the Verona Card not worthwhile?
  • Is it worth buying the Verona Card if I only have a few days available?
  • How much can I save with the Verona Card?

We will also look at some reviews from those who have bought it and analyze all the positive and negative comments, to help you figure out whether or not you should buy it.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

arena di verona

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

Is it worth buying the Verona Card?

Unlike many tourist cards you can find in different cities around the world, the Verona Card is really affordable, offering:

  • Free access to all major tourist attractions in Verona
  • Admission to the Arena by skipping the ticket line
  • Discounted admission to several museums and attractions in Verona
  • Free travel on all ATV line buses.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits together, one by one.

When is the Verona Card worthwhile?

The Verona Card turns out to be convenient if:

  • You plan to visit at least three attractions;
  • You plan to get around Verona using public transportation;
  • You are short on time and want to skip the line at the Arena di Verona;
  • You are visiting Verona for the first time.

If you plan to visit at least 3 attractions in Verona.

This is the most important benefit offered by the Verona City Card. In fact, this tourist pass gives you free access to the city’s main tourist attractions, the ones you just can’t miss if you go on vacation to Verona, including:

AttractionOriginal PricePrice with Verona Card
Arena di Verona11€Free
Museo Lapidario Maffeiano4.50€Free
Museo di Castelvecchio6€Free
Complesso della Cattedrale di Verona2,50€Free
Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano4,50€Free
Basilica di Santa Anastasia6€Free
Torre dei Lamberti12,50€Free
Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti4,40€Free
Arche Scaligere11€Free
Casa di Giulietta8,80€Free
Museo di Storia Naturale5€Free
Chiesa di San Fermo Maggiore6€Free
Tomba di Giulietta7€Free
Basilica di San Zeno6€Free
Eataly Art House8€Free

If you think that access to the most important museums alone costs more than 10€, with the Verona Card you will start saving money already from the third attraction onwards.

If you plan to get around Verona using public transportation

Verona is a rather collected city, with a historic center that can be visited almost entirely on foot.

However, if you have more days available and plan to visit outlying areas or scenic viewpoints over the city, you might consider getting around by public transportation.

In Verona, the most common means of transportation is the bus, and the city is well served by a dense network of ATV line buses.

With the Verona Card, you have the opportunity to ride every bus on the line for free, saving €1.30 per trip and avoiding having to buy and obliterate tickets each time.

If you are short on time and wish to skip the line at the Arena di Verona

Verona’s most important attraction is undoubtedly its magnificent Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheater iconic for its majestic opera and musical performances.

The Verona Card offers the advantage of avoiding long lines at the ticket office, allowing you direct access through gate number 5, a valuable time-saver especially during peak season when the influx of visitors is greatest and when you might run into long lines at the ticket office.

If you are visiting Verona for the first time

The Verona Card is an excellent choice for those visiting Verona for the first time or for those who want to explore the city to the fullest in a short period of time.

During my first visit to Verona (which was several years ago), I experienced the benefits of the Verona Card. It provided me with freedom and convenience, eliminating the need to purchase individual tickets for attractions and transportation, thus simplifying travel around the city.

verona arena

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

When is the Verona City Card not worthwhile?

The value of the Verona city card may be limited if you have no interest in seeing numerous attractions included in the card. If you are only aiming for one or two cheaper options, you may be better off buying individual tickets.

If you visit Verona on days when museums are closed

It is important to consider whether it is worth buying the Verona tourist card if one of the days of your trip falls on a Monday or during holidays (such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, or Easter Sunday), as many attractions may be closed.

Juliet’s House or the Arena of Verona, for example, have Monday as their closing day.

In this case, the Verona City Card may prove to be an uneconomical option, as you cannot take advantage of access to attractions during an entire day.

If you visit Verona together with young children

Did you know that most attractions in Verona offer a reduced rate ticket for those under 14 (and over 60)? And that children under 7 accompanied by an adult get in for free? If so, you might consider purchasing a Verona Card for adults only and buying individual admissions for children or teens instead.

If you are not planning to use buses

If you plan to move around on foot or by private transportation such as car, Uber, or cab, the Verona Card may not be the best choice.

A side benefit of the Verona tourist pass concerns free and unlimited access to the ATV line public transportation network.

verona city card

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

What to see in Verona with Verona Card? Example of a 2-day itinerary

If you are planning a visit to Verona, chances are you are uncertain about the best way to visit this magnificent city, rich in history, culture and good food.

If you have decided to purchase the Verona Card to accompany you on this journey to discover the city of Romeo & Juliet, here is a sample of a recommended itinerary for visiting Verona in two days, taking full advantage of the benefits offered by the Verona City Card.

Day 1 ($46.50 savings)

On the first day we suggest you visit the most famous attractions, starting from Juliet’s House to the Arena of Verona.

Here is a possible itinerary:

  • Castelvecchio Museum (cost: 6€ each)
  • Basilica of San Zeno (cost: 6€ each)
  • Arena of Verona (cost: 10€ each)
  • Juliet’s House (cost: 6€ each)
  • Lamberti Tower (cost: 6€ each)
  • Achille Forti Gallery (cost: 14€ each)
  • Arche Scaligere (cost: 11€ each)
  • Total cost: 59€

Day 2 ($11.50 savings)

On the second day you can focus on Verona’s most beautiful churches and basilicas, the archaeological museum, and the wonderful cathedral complex. Here is a possible itinerary:

  • Maffeian Lapidary Museum (cost: €4.50 per person)
  • Basilica of St. Anastasia (cost: 6€ each)
  • Cathedral Complex – Verona Cathedral (cost: 2.50€ each)
  • Museum at the Roman Theater (cost: 5€ each)
  • Church of San Fermo (cost: 6€ each)
  • Total cost: 24€

Considering buying a 48H Verona Card (worth 25€), the total savings is 58€.

All this, without even considering buying bus tickets (worth 1.30€ each). In short, a big savings.

verona city center

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

Verona Card reviews

What do visitors who have already purchased the Verona City Pass think about visiting the city of Romeo & Juliet?

verona card reviews

The Verona Card has an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, considering 592 reviews.

Most visitors liked the convenience of the card, even calling it one of the best city cards in the world for value for money.

There are no particular negative reviews, but if you want to read all the reviews, you can do so by clicking here.

verona city card transport

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

Is the Verona Card really worth it? Frequently asked questions

Where to purchase the Verona Card?

Have you convinced yourself to purchase the Verona City Card, and now you want to know where to do it? I recommend you do it online, by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can buy it directly in Verona, at the IAT infopoint on Via degli Alpini or at authorized tobacconists in the city center.

What can you do with the Verona Card?

With the Verona card you have free access to more than 20 Verona attractions (such as the Lamberti Tower, Juliet’s House, and the Arena of Verona), discounts on museums, parking, and activities, and free travel on Verona’s ATV public transportation line. For more information, read the list of what’s included in the Verona Card.

How long does the Verona Card last?

It has a duration of 24H or 48H depending on the type chosen. The duration starts from the time access is made to the first attraction, not from the time the card is purchased.

How much does the Verona Card cost?

The Verona Card 24H costs 27€, while the one valid 48H costs a total of 32€.

How to make the Verona Card?

You can do it directly online by clicking here.

So does the Verona Card really pay off?

The Verona Card is very convenient if you plan to visit more than 3 attractions and/or travel by public transportation.

On the other hand, it turns out to be less convenient if you visit Verona during days when museums are closed (such as Mondays, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or Easter) or if you have a child under 7 years old or are over 60, as you may be able to take advantage of reduced rates.

verona card online

Tickets for Verona Card + Arena Priority Entrance

Skip the line to the Arena and enjoy unlimited public transport.

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